Who is Gelf and what is P&K?

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I am a fiction writer with two Creative Writing degrees: Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts (think a Masters-and-a-half). I spent my time studying fiction and playwriting. I’ve had poetry published, but my main focus is short and long form speculative fiction: horror, science fiction, fantasy, etc. Between retail work, copywriting, and graphic design, I’ve finally landed a day job as a bookseller that allows me to fund the two things I love most: writing and gaming.

That’s where the stream comes in. Point & Klepto is essentially me playing the kinds of games that I absolutely adore and want to share with everyone: narrative-driven point-and-click and adventure games, with a sprinkling of action adventure games for taste. Point & Klepto features constant streamer-viewer interaction and a safe, positive environment where people can enjoy a fun experience and maybe discover a new indie title (or re-discover an old favorite).

Most games played on Point & Klepto are played blind and, because of this, demand a strict no backseating policy. Sometimes, I’ll get stuck and will ask for help (rather than force you to sit through three hours of trying to figure out what the damned lever does). This usually comes in some form of: “Okay, I have no idea what to do. Does anyone in chat have a hint for me?”

If I can’t figure it out, you will. If we can’t figure it out together, it’s probably not a very good game.

Want an idea of what I’m into? Here’s just a shotgun blast of a few of my favorite things (other than point-and-click adventure games): Primordia, shipwrecks, Kathy Rain, anything by Wadjet Eye, ghost stories, Alien, Aliens, science fiction, the Danganronpa series, horror, World of Warcraft, synthwave, Destiny 2, thrillers, Mass Effect, true crime, Tolkien’s Legendarium, Preston & Child, cats, kittens, monster movies, my PS Vita, and urban fantasy, just to name a few.